Conservation and architectural projects

Practical projects: 


Upper Terrace


Complex of Royal Cult




Project of exposing and making available for public shaft tomb of the royal families from Dynasty 23-25


Mieczysław Michiewicz



Map of destructions in the Chaple of Hatshepsut


Teresa Dziedzic, Aleksandra Brzozowska, Mieczysław Michiewicz, Rajmund Gazda, Maria Lulkiewicz, Maria Gąsior


Upper Shrine of Anubis




Upper Shrine of Anubis preservation project


Teresa (Kaczor) Dziedzic, Mieczysław Michiewicz










Middle Terrace


Hathor Shrine



Preservation project of architravs and ceiling over the Vestibule of the Hathor Shrine


Mieczysław Michiewicz, Aleksandra Brzozowska, Mariusz Caban, Marta Grzegorek










Theoretical projects:


Upper Terrace


Kompleks Kultu Królewskiego


Reconstruction of the architecture of Complex of Royal Cult


Teresa Dziedzic





Complex of Solar Cult




Reconstruction of the architecture of the Complex of Solar Cult


Teresa Dziedzic











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