Project of exposing and making available the shaft tomb of the royal families from Dynasty 23-25

  The project of exposing and making the shaft tomb of the members of the royal families, Dynasty 23-25 (S.7A/82) in the Hatshepsut Chapel accessible to the public has been completed. The hatch and ladder were installed permanently. The hatch was made of glazed glass (3 layers of tempered glass glued) with the frame made of stainless steel. The project took into account the weight bearing capacity of the glass of 4kN (4 persons), and the ease of opening the hatch by means of the gas springs. In the case of the ladder the type of steel, the gauge and degrees were defined. The necessary calculations of the state of endurance needed were made which revealed the spacing of the anchors supporting the ladder in the shaft. The shaft and its chamber were equipped with electric installation. The entire project was conducted and supervised by eng. Mieczysław Michiewicz.



Mounted glass hatch to the tomb shaft, photo by M. Jawornicki

Part of the design of the ladder, 1- steel pipe  48/3.5; 2 - pipe 30/2.5; 3 - rectangular tube 50/8. Dimensions are in mm. Figure by M. Michiewicz















Project supervisor: Mieczysław Michiewicz



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