Reconstruction of the architecture of the Complex of the Royal Mortuary Cult

Vestibule of Hatshepsut Chapel


 Work in the Complex of the Royal Mortuary Cult focused on architectural studies conducted in the Vestibules of Hatshepsut and Tutmosis I. A theoretical reconstruction of the Complex of the Royal Mortuary Cult will be their final result. The study was made in situ and also included the analysis of missing blocks, which could be placed in their original position. Theoretical calculations were made for the strength of the architraves that may have been used.

  The architectural studies made by T. Dziedzic is one of the projects of the complex elaboration of the Complex of Royal Mortuary Cult under the direction of M. Barwik.



Project supervisor: Teresa Dziedzic




Main Project:




Complex of Royal Cult Reconstruction Project


Mirosław Barwik










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