Hieratic Graffiti in the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Phot. M. Barwik

  A survey of the graffiti in the temple has led to the discovery of a number of hieratic graffiti written on the temple walls. 

  Only a limited number relate to the early stages in the history of the temple. These are mostly graffiti related to the restoration work undertaken in the aftermath of the Amarna period located beside some groups of graffiti written by the builders of the temple. The bulk of the newly found graffiti relates to the period of the XXIst Dynasty, when the burials of some important persons were arranged in the vicinity of the Deir el-Bahari temples, and two important caches were organized in TT 320 and Bab el-Gasus.






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Project supervisior: Mirosław Barwik
Contact: mbarwik@uw.edu.pl



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